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with the healthcare law is just bull, and who is about to get gored. >> neil: why do they do that? i digress. welcome. they fought the law and now they want to enforce the law? but there is a little bit of a method to the republican's madness. they claim the white house is ignoring the law by trying to delay the map debt that is central to the law, and since it the law, it is against the law to do something like that without congress' approval. ain't that a kick, and ain't this an even bigger kick. dick durbin now calling on republicans to help change and improve the law. the same republicans who they say were all but shut out of the process when the democrats were passing this law. to dr. mark siegel. what do you make of what's going on? >> i want to first make sure that americans are informed. really informed here about what this is all about. the law, as you said, and i've said, is completely unaffordable. it's too expensive. it's too expensive for employers. that's why they're holding off on he mandate. employers can't afford to provide this kind of comprehensive insurance to employees. it's unaf
, charles will we're cracking down on medicare fraud. the healthcare law gives us powerful tools to fight it... to investigate it... ...prosecute it... and stop criminals. our senior medicare patrol volunteers... are teaching seniors across the country... stop, spot, and report fraud. you can help. guard your medicare card. don't give out your card number over the phone. call to report any suspected fraud. we're cracking down on medicare fraud. let's make medicare stronger for all of us. >> bill: continuing with lead story race and crime in america. i spoke with burton a good guy who follows the race situation closely. >> bill: does the facts that reported crime, not convicted crime, reported crime so overwhelmingly tilts toward african-american men mitigate this that reported cram, mostly by other african-americans is overwhelmingly in the black, young black man precincts. does that mitigate anything? >> i don't believe it does. i really don't. you have to look at the culture in which this bias is held. and you have to look at the imagery of the culture and what the popular culture ha
to it it's an interesting case one way or the other because of the stand your ground law and 911 call, it is. no doubt about it i'm not complaining about seeing let's see how the justice system works here. i'm not complaining about that what i do fear very much is that if zimmerman is acquitted and it looks like he will be, all right, black americans are going to react negatively to that acquittal. >> i think black americans are reviewing, assessing and feel that we are under siege for a variety of reasons for which this would be just one. the criminal justice system doesn't work. the legal system doesn't work. we are very distressed by the findings of the supreme court more distress dollars about the reactions of congress in general in terms of fair treatment. >> all of those grievances while they are legitimate, all right, cannot be be applied to saying gel case of alleged murder if zimmerman isn't guilty he isn't guilty. if the jury finds it that way and you start to have people burning buildings down it's going to be a major problem. >> there is going to be a problem when people f
for anything that's gone sideways like this, i think it's pathetic that a court of law cannot be in a vacuum of the legal system without the influence of the public threatening to do great bodily harm to people and property. it's really a prophetic statement nor our country. >> i'm going to ask you all to get on the record and with predictions? >> it's going to be an acquittal. there's not going to be a lesser of manslaughter conviction, and if the defense rests tomorrow, probably see that by friday. >> at least by -- i don't think the jury will go past the weekend. valerie? >> i'm going to say, i want to keep my job here at fox 35 so i'm going to maintain balance. >> i'll put in a good word if you give me the answer. i don't know if it will help or hurt. mark fuhrman? >> it's going to be -- it should be an acquittal by the evidence. if anything goes sideways, you'll have one juror that hangs it. >> i agree. that's a possibility. i think it was over the second that john good, the one eyewitness testified that trayvon was on top. >> agreed. >> mma, ground and pound, straddling and fists going
-martial. it's the highest hilt trial in military law because he faces the death penalty. the jury is called a panel and they will be selected the from a pool of commissioned military officers from army posts around the country. panel selection expected to last one month. opening arguments expected to begin at fort hood august 6. gregg: there is a legal maxim, justice delayed is justice denied. what has taken so long? four years. >> reporter: saidback after setback since the november twine shooting like hassan refusing to shave his beard. he said he was growing it out for religious reasons but it violates military code. then the 39-year-old army psychiatrist said he wanted to represent himself and he needed more time to prepare. if he wanted to plead guilty but military law prohibits that because this is a capital case. 13 people died here and more than 30 were hurt. you can imagine it was a long and frustrating several years for everyone. one sergeant who was shot five times that day described the wait to you are our own megyn kelly. >> not on the victims and $survivors but also our family.
by a coup. a law on the books that says you don't give foreign aid to military koupz whecoups, and we to do it and think we'll influence these people by continuing to throw money at them. i think it's a real mistake. >> why hasn't the obama administration called it a coup? >> i think they are confused on this. so many supporters of foreign aid think that's how we buy friendship and influence people. there was a gallup poll in egypt, and 77% of egyptians don't want our money. they burn our flag, don't want our money and we say, here, you must take it. behave and act like americans, but there isn't a whole lot of real democracy going on over there. >> maybe this has something to do with it. section 508 of the foreign assistance act says "none of the funds appropriate otherwise made available to this act will be obligated any assistance to any country dually elected head of government is deposed you about a military decree or coup. maybe they don't want to be put into that box? >> you hear the president's response, oh, we have a democratically elected acting undemocratically. democracy is wher
than the beard, he decided to represent himself and he wanted to blowed guilty and military law prohibits that because it is a capital case. and then he wanted to say he was saving taliban leaders by carrying out the shooting and the court would not allow that. 13 people died here in 2009 and 30 injured. on this program, a sergeant shot five times that day described what the wait was like. >> not only the victims and survivors, but our families. now we'll get a chance to close the chapture and once again a setback in our way. >> if everything goes as planned and opening statements scheduled to begin on august 6th. it is an interesting process. >> indeed it will. thank you. the gunman's own paralysis when he was shot as he was shooting others. hassan's doctor said he can't sit more than 12 hours upright. he must have 15- 20 minute breaks for stretching every four hours and he must lift himself off of the whole chair every half an hour. it is going to be something to watch all of this play out, only adding insult to the victims and their families, hassan has collected a paycheck.
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to his head, a baby could do that to him and the poor guy had a broken nose. if this law says you're supposed to be in imminent danger of their death. everybody that gets a scratch and a broken nose, if that's imminent danger of death, half the country would be dead. >> are you saying that if you're on the ground with someone on top of you, you can't defend yourself? >> the fact is, when i was 18, i could kick my 29-year-old butt. i was in much better shape. >> you could kick your grandmother're butt. >> what he said was that not only were the injuries consistent with the story that george zimmerman has given to the police repeatedly introduced by who? the prosecution. it's a matter of fact if you're getting your head hit against the ground, you're going to -- >> it doesn't matter what i think or what you think, it matters what the six people in the jury if they have a reasonable doubt. here's a good question, first of all, mark o'mara has just been fantastic at this. this guy is just unbelievable lately. the last five or six days, he's been just on fire. here's the question, thou
that this guy was a wannabe cop and knew what the law was. >> bob gash. >> that's not the point. it is not who is the strong guy or tough guy in the room. it is about whether or not you had reasonable self-defense and believe your life was in danger based -- >> and -- >> so far the evidence is consistent that trayvon martin was on top of george zimmerman and prosecution's witness said that railing down -- >> if indeed zimmerman is a wuss then he has greater argument for self-defense because a wuss would be in fear of his life. correct? >> ape there gym owner also took the stand today. i guess the prosecution was trying to make the argument somehow that he was this mma trained fighter and he did dee dee fend himself. yet again, a blow to the prosecution today. they asked this gym owner on a scale of one to ten how would you describe his athletic ability and basically he said he is a one. meaning that, greg, he is a wuss. >> let me ask you this. would you put zimmerman on the stand? >> absolutely not. not unless you want to be disbarred and have the case of infective assistance of counsel grante
himself even though he started it. that's a value judgment, criticism of the stand your ground law in florida but it is the law. >> phil keating i outside the courthouse. both sides have worked hard to get to the point where the jurors would believe their version of event. most of the legal analysts with whom i have spoken and to whom i have listened, seem to believe the defense has done a better job with its story. >> incredibly effective on cross-examination over the previous nine days of testimony. going to what we were just talking about with florida's stand your ground law, which allows, and a prosecution witness, the former professor of zimmerman, who taught him about criminal litigation and criminal law, and specifically florida's self-defense law, on cross-examination, he said, just what the judge said. you can actually start the altercation, maybe you come in with a punch, but if the other person pulls out a knife or starts gaining the upper hand, you can still legally in florida, claim self-defense to justify deadly force, because you had a reasonable fear for your life.
implementation for the part's increasingly controversial health care law. it seems one of the big revenue generators a surcharge on smokers falls under the category of easier said than done. chief international correspondent jim engel with obama care that may go up in smoke. >> one more delay in implementation of the health care law, this one dealing with the penalty for smokers. >> the way the law works is that inge su inge surers are able to charge people up to 50% for a surcharge. >> they can charge a lifetime smoker -- the law also limits the difference insurers can charge the young versus the old to three to one. and now the administration says it's computers cannot deal with any difference in the smoker's penalty. >> because of the way the it systems are structures, it limits how much variation there can be in the surcharge for older smokers versus younger smokers. >> can't do that because it will run afoul of our computer systems. >> which means either insurers charge lifelong smokers less or young smokers a lot more. >> they apply it across the board so boetz younger and older smo
component of the law was delayed for another year until 2015. both of these things work together. david drucker senior correspondent for the "washington examiner" joins us now. why are we learning about the change to subsidies? and we realize there will not be a lot of oversight. why is that happening? >> we'll need to find more about this, jenna, but the bottom line here the law is extremely unwieldy. it's big. it's large. as the executive branch goes about making up regulations and rules that are supposed to reflect the spirit of the legislation, they're finding that it's difficult and they're finding that it is going to be very difficult to run smoothly and i wouldn't be surprised in this particular case if they're worried the only way they can check these things out in terms of who is eligible for subsidies would be such a way to possibly deny people who are eligible or think they're eligible from actually receiving these subsidies. so think would rather encourage people to enroll and take advantage of this and make the process cumbersome and find people getting rejected that believ
think -- let me divide it up, i think that the way the system is treating her, the law enforcement, the deputies, the bailiff's in the courthouse, the judge, the others that are part of the system have treated her nicely, they are grateful to them. whether or not mr. o'mara went too far in his questioning, that speaks for itself. that is not the way you address the mother of a 17-year-old kid that's been murdered. the verdict we'll see in this case, will address a lot of different things. he knows he went too far. and i think it speaks for itself. >> have you prepared your clients? i mean, this is usually a lawyer to prepare a defendant for either a guilty or not guilty verdict. this is an unusual situation, you represent the parents of a zeised child. have you prepared them for the possibility -- i don't know what the jury's going to do, but the possibility of an acquittal? >> well, we talk about it briefly. we don't talk about it much, right? our faith is in god, even though i'm a lawyer. i think they understand the possibility that it could go the other way. they have all the fa
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.o.p. solve this huge problem? we will tell you. >> the law as written probably can't work. >> i think the whole thing may collapse. >> bill: brit hume says obama care may be dead on arrival. mr. hume will be here. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the era of bad feelings. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. all over the country, americans are attacking other americans over political issues. on sunday, june 30th in seattle, two christian activists showed up at a gay pride rally holding signs saying repent or else and jesus saves from sin. the two men were attacked. >> that's a big [bleep] if i were you i would [bleep] [shouting] >> [screaming] seattle police have arrested two men, the fat guy who was slugging him and i think that's the guy, well, i shouldn't say, this one of the men arrested has nine felonies, nine on his rap sheet. now, obviously this is very disturbing, yes, the christians were looking to be provocative, but, that's no excuse for
: as mentioned he has had several run-ins with the law. >> if you just look at last year alone, he was arrested last year for public intoxication. he was also arrested for a domestic dispute involving his fiance and her ex-husband. and then the case that you mentioned the drunk driving arrest where he was found naked in the road. because he threatened a police officer in that case, he was actually sentenced to 180 days in jail. that was lowered subsequently to two years probation as long as randy travis entered into alcohol rehab for 30 days. he entered the rehab program, said he quit drinking, but it's clear if that remains the case as of the time that he went into the hospital. shep? >> shepard: updates as warranted. trace gallagher, thanks. there were enormous developments today at the murder trial of george zimmerman. they involve a key 911 call from the night of the shooting. testimony from the father of trayvon martin himself, and a very big ruling from the judge about what the jury can hear. let's start with the 911 call. it's the one that a neighbor made in the moments before george zim
international law you can't give them the bills -- 1.3 billion in aid which the united states has already given them. can't give them anymore aid money. so maybe it's not a coup. maybe it's just a boo? le they went into the palace and took the president out and they want to pretend it's something other than a coup. i guess anything can happen. we're waiting for more out of egypt. those who are upset with the muslim brotherhood is in there, fighting up a storm. they are just mad as can be that this has happened. they have been trying to get a power base over there for decades. they finally got it in a democratic election. democracy and liberty by the way are two different things. one means you vote, the other one means you get your rights. it's the liberty part the president was trying to take away. he wasn't successful and now he is out and now the whole world has a mess. the zimmerman courtroom is back in session. but we're waiting for the jury. so, i guess what they were doing was feeding tape -- no, they switched from one camera to the other. they're now moving the jury in, arthur is back an
senator said it was quote a clear admission the law is unaffordable, unworkable and unpopular. a lot of uns, terry. the nfl, whatever that is, declined to promote obama care them administration's department of health and human services had requested help with getting americans on board with the law. but the league released a statement that said, hey, quote, they currently have no plans to engage in this area. to use the football term the white house struck out. for more let's go to "red eye" white house senior correspondent. ♪ >> he's hiding. >> not good enough. you are lunch. do you think the delay inform until after the midterm elections is politically motivated and please use the word "yes" in your answer. >> actually i do think it is. i think it is unworkable. unpopular as you just reported a moment ago. i think that politics is of course driving this decision. companies don't want it. we know it that is going to be expensive and it is very complicated and delaying the inevitable may have nothing more to do with just simply the white house getting more support, trying to get mo
think it says something when the people that are looking to shape the laws of the state cannot abide by them, i think it's kind of sad. at the same time, both guys, all of what they are accused of doing or what they confessed to doing are involved in their personal lives. >> i'm confused by the answer, on one hand you do not like it and the other hand you do. >> i don't like their behavior. >> scott? >> she was turned on, scott. >> this should not be illegal. prostitution should not be illegal, i guess it is in barack oba obamaa-care america. >> i should be impeached. >> he should be. >> here is the problem, miles. it's not about prostitution, it's about the fact that spitzer prosecuted people for the very things that he was doing privately. doesn't matter if it's illegal or legal, he was actually hypocritical about it, he was putting people in jail for the same things. >> he was a typical republican pig and he was using taxpayer money to -- to fly -- >> he is a democrat. >> oh, hold on. beyond w-- i do not understand why we are villifying someone for this. anthony weiner is the bad
in argueoth merits. medical providers that supported the laws to insure that there is health and safety for women and unborn children. >> we'll be watching what happens in texas. michelle, thank you for your perspective. >> the defense in the george zimmerman trial right now argue that a key part of the 911 call helps to make the case that george zimmerman acted in self defense when he shot trayvon martin. and we'll she you that argument just a head. dozen was people missing after a train accident looks like a massive bomb blast. we'll show you what went wrong there. hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support gularity! i want some... [ woman ] hop on over! [ marge ] fiber the fun way, from phillips'. >> as americans across the nation celebrated four the've july. these 13 men are military veterans hoping to achieve more independence after returning from war with catastrophic injuries. they are trying to help those men get in so- called smart homes without r
last night and this pais the way for it to become law. it came after an emotional 10 hour doe baebate. >> i want my constituents current and future to have the best chance for life. >> a final formal vote is set this morning. the bill will go to the senate where it is expected to pass. the measure would ban abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. >> today jury selection will resume for nadal hassan. 6 jurors were dismissed based on their answers and questionnaires. hassan who is serving as his own attorney did not ask the potential jurors any questions. he also did not take any notes or speak with his former defense attorney. they must tell him if he asks hassan is fighting no the to wear his uniform in court. he says it represents an enemy to islam. he faces the death penalty if convicted. >> this is ben bernanke takes center stage at a speech this afternoon. joining us now for the fox business network is lauren simonetti. >> hi ainsley hi heather. all eyes on the fed today. later it releases minutes from the june meeting. ben bernanke gave a speech they want any hint about the s
the law as it's written. what do you really expect from a piece of legislation that the vast majority of the members of koch didn't read before they voted on. this administration making up as they go. >> all right, sir. let me turn to announcement today that you won't be running for governor again of the state of texas. now, everybody in the country, most people follow this. very suspicious that what it really -- the undercurrent was, it's because you are getting geared up to run for president, and the word, last time, you didn't quite make it in 2012, because you got in late and you said things about people who try twice do better the second time around. what is the story on running for president? >> yeah, i think all of those are interesting theories, but the fact is that people will theorize and people will try to estimate what is going on in my life. what's going on, i've been governor of the greatest state in the nation for 12 years. an enviable record of job creation. some 30% of jobs created in the last ten years, in the state of texas. we have truly put together a -- a state t
. and our laws prevent us from sending non-humanitarian aid to governments that result from military coups. some american lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have recently called for the suspension of u.s. aid to egypt so it's a big mess. and greg palkot is on it live for us tonight. greg, egypt's interim government also made some big political moves today. >> yeah, shep. it was some big political news delivered quicker than expected, we are told, maybe to calm down some nervous people here. the interim president here mansoor naming new prime minister, an economist, a former finance minister, a good credential for a country in bad economic shape. he also named former u.n. nuclear watchdog interim vice president and claimed islamists would be included in the cabinet as well. this as the man really in charge of things here, the head of the military, general abdel -- went on tv to tell the egyptians the steps to transition are clear. he was referring to the now handover of power to a democratically elected civilian rule that can -- that include elections by early next year. he also told fox
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25 (some duplicates have been removed)